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Bonkers Blog January 2015

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15 January (Part 1) - BiB comes to police attention again

PoliceIf I judged the mood correctly I think most people came away from the police meeting in Thamesmead’s Baptist Church in a somewhat sceptical mood. Good intentions were everywhere but police commander Peter Ayling was pessimistic about his ability to maintain the extra patrols into the next financial year following the fatal stabbing in Wolvercote Road.

In the meantime the police’s Safer Neighbourhoods Team has been helping out with community activities from football to food banks as well as collaring a good number of drug takers. Maybe they’ve always done that sort of thing but thanks to PC Chris Molnar and his Twitter addiction (@MPSThamesmead) anyone can now log in to what he and his colleagues have been doing to improve Thamesmead.

Over the last few days PC Molnar has been dropping big hints that the Safer Neighbourhood Team was to be enlarged and that the Greenwich/Bexley borough boundary would no longer be regarded as a barrier. That was an idea that got short shrift at the November meeting, someone must have torn up the rule book.

Yesterday the police went officially public with the news. The last paragraph was unexpected.


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