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Bonkers Blog January 2015

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7 January (Part 2) - Read a NEET deception

Press ReleaseCabinet member Philip Read has been Tweeting of his success in getting the young unemployed (NEETS - Not in Employment, Education or Training) into education or work and if Bexley’s figures have improved it can only be a good thing. It being a Read Tweet, it takes a lying swipe at the Labour opposition, saying it is bad news for them. The man is a buffoon.

Today Bexley council has issued a Press Release to celebrate the achievement. It reveals that the report is based on last year’s figures so whoever it was who made the breakthrough it wasn’t Philip Read.

TweetRead appears to be having some trouble persuading his Twitter followers that he and his Children’s Services department are doing a good job.

It is possible that the Tweet is referring to the Social Worker (two according to one report) who was sacked by Bexley council following their damning OFSTED report and found to be unfairly dismissed by an Employment Tribunal.

Almost needless to say, no senior staff were admonished.

The number of reports of ‘stolen’ children in Bexley is on the rise.


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