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Bonkers Blog January 2015

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3 January - Four useful coppers

PoliceAllowing local Neighbourhood Policing Teams to witter away on Twitter must be a good thing as even I have been won over, up to a point anyway. My enthusiasm for it might be total except that it’s hard to forget that eighteen months ago PCs Shaun Kelly and Peter Arthurs seemed to be a couple of really nice blokes but a year later, under duress presumably, reported that I along with several other Bexley residents had been making a nuisance of ourselves in the council chamber and refused a request to leave. This was a total fabrication so I will always maintain that only a fool would completely trust a policeman, the pressure that can be exerted by senior officers who have scant regard for the truth or the law must be irresistible.

But left to their own devices on their own patch my local bobbies show every sign of doing a thoroughly good job and deserve residents’ support.

The cul-de-sac where I live is usually nice and quiet with neighbours living amicably together but recently there has been a problem - not that I have been directly affected but for others the effects have been very serious. Just before Christmas I told PC Chris Molnar about it, initially via @MPSThamesmead and later by email. He promised he would take suitable steps.

TweetThis afternoon and evening Chris and at least three of his colleagues have knocked on every door to get to know the occupants. Those most affected by the recent problem have been able to tell their story. Everyone was given a copy of the new Policing Team leaflet which is crammed with news and tips on keeping safe. A good day’s work by Thamesmead SNT.

The last time I had a police officer in my house, it must be around 20 years ago, I was threatened with arrest for Breach of the Peace for asking him to leave. Not sure how you can cause a Breach of the Peace inside your own sitting room.


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