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Bonkers Blog January 2015

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1 January (Part 5) - Joker of the year so far

“He is at it again” was the gist of several messages. Apparently the village idiot who ignores blogs couldn’t resist taking another look at B-i-B and resorting to Twitter again…

The sad, self important blogger doesn't realise he is figure of fun & in last 2 weeks has danced to my tune! That's def my last word on him! Lol

If exposing Philip Read's lamentable department for what it is, worst in London; comparing him unfavourably with Peter Craske who most readers associate with obscene blogging; reminding readers that it’s Read who hides behind closed doors - literally - and not the bloggers he accuses; and that the man will even stoop to presenting cock and bull stories to the police in an attempt to get bloggers locked up is dancing to his tune, then I plead guilty of dancing to his tune.

One reader has asked me to pass on his thanks to the Northumberland Numbskull for providing him with the best chuckle since he pulled his Christmas cracker.


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