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Bonkers Blog January 2015

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1 January (Part 2) - Technical Topics. Technophobes keep out!

When this website was launched in September 2009 not much thought was given to its potential for massive growth but if it had been some of the coding fundamentals may have been different.

Over the years most of the old methods have been changed and refined but the introduction of the Mobile mode exactly 18 months ago was a complexity too far in some respects. You may not have noticed because a few quick fixes were introduced to mask but not eradicate the problems. Even so, some images didn’t always align with each other perfectly. As from today an attempt is being made to put things right while maintaining total compatibility with older parts of the website. In general new images will be a few pixels larger than before and the border sizes will be consistent when switching between viewing modes.

Because of the way web browsers cache (remember) old instructions it is possible that not everything will immediately work correctly. If an image looks wrong (stretched probably) and doesn’t respond to to a browser refresh (F5 on Windows) and is still like it next time you visit, I would appreciate being told about it.

Another thing that is changed is the RSS feed which had accumulated a whole year of old data. Today it has been given a clean start. All RSS readers should pick up the new announcements but whether they remember older data will be dependent on the browser or reader in use.

I may decide to abandon Internet Explorer 6 support, surely no one uses that any more? On the other hand IE6 support is not difficult. Switching from HTML 4 to HTML 5 may be more sensible in which case IE 6 support will definitely go.

I know from the statistics reports that about 35% of readers are using the Safari browser on Apple devices. I have no intention of ever acquiring one and Apple have abandoned their attempt to get Safari to run on Windows so I can only test on a very old version of the Safari browser. If Safari becomes in any way non-compliant with the standards I have no way of adapting Bonkers to it.


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