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Bonkers Blog February 2015

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23 February (Part 2) - Council tax up

This evening’s cabinet meeting which approved the budget to be put forward to the full council on the 4th March was a well run and unusually civilised affair. The formal business may be summed up as, council tax up 1·9%, £2·9 million taken from reserves and fees and charges up 3% on average. The published price increases make the 3% claim difficult to accept, but that is what they keep saying and as earlier dictatorships have discovered, if you say something often enough it will most likely be believed.
Some details will be filled in tomorrow but meanwhile I would like to congratulate whoever it was who laid out the room for the four members of the public who bothered to show up. Mr. Kevin Fox was the Committee Officer.

Before the meeting started I picked up comments about my ‘back of the heads’ photos but it would have been difficult to repeat those tonight. I had to draw my desk and chair backwards so that I couldn’t be mistaken for a councillor, the desk was placed forward of some!

The view could not have been better and when one unfortunate individual was not using his microphone properly, council leader Teresa O’Neill asked him to mend his ways. So no problem hearing either.

Now that Bexley has shown that it can be done I expect those who have been complaining about the poor sight lines and acoustics will be complaining even more when arrangements are not good enough.


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