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Bonkers Blog February 2015

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22 February - Late weekend round up

Gayton Road Gayton RoadThose waiting with bated breath to see what surprise Crossrail plans for Gayton Road tomorrow are going to have to be patient. Whatever fun and games they have in mind, it has been deferred for a week - or they got their calendar all wrong.

Quite likely the station will come down, the line is to be closed next Sunday.

Wilton RoadCouncillor Alex Sawyer read out the list of ‘parks’ that the council may sell to raise a bit of cash on the 10th February. It has been top secret, no FOIs, no nothing, which gave rise to all sorts of speculation and a protest in Danson Park.

Sawyer‘s list didn't amount to much, a list of addresses few had heard of and I didn’t get around to putting it on Bonkers until the 19th (Thursday) and 24 hours later Bexley council thought they had better follow suit. Why did they wait ten days? Or was it because they would have said nothing if the beans had not been spilled here?

If the other 27 sites are like the one nearest to me it’s really not very interesting. How did sites like that come to be called parks? Maybe if Bexley council was more honest they would get themselves into trouble less often.

Fire Fire FireYarnton Way has been too frequently in the news recently and always for the wrong reasons.

Early Saturday morning a fire destroyed a large warehouse and the police are treating it as arson. I went to take a look this morning, had to go by bike to get through the local flood.

The firemen were still there and flames could still be seen. It was said that photography was not allowed because it was a crime scene. What nonsense.

So here’s a couple of grimy photos taken through the haze into the sun and someone the police would like to trace.

More on the News Shopper's website.

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The internal transformation continues. Some pages have been in trouble over the past 24 hours, just cosmetic stuff I think and caused by a software accident! This afternoon there were 20 minutes of total chaos as the whole site was overwritten with the new one. Future disruptions should be relatively minor. Famous last words.


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