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Bonkers Blog February 2015

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20 February (Part 3) - Mud and blood

Not being as familiar as perhaps I should be with the names of roads that back on to Hill View, I didn’t immediately make the connection between Sergeant Young’s comment on Twitter and the floods in Marina Drive.

TweetBut then I remembered seeing Peters Close while finding my way to Marina Drive last week. My A-Z confirmed that I would have passed it just before turning into Marina Drive and it too backs on to the Hill View swamp.

So now the people living in that area have to contend with security issues as well as the dirt and structural damage.

Only last week I heard Chief Superintendent Peter Ayling say that the council’s decision to leave parks unlocked at night was cause for concern. Now the police have another one.

It’s to be hoped that Sergeant Young’s evidence will prove good enough to secure a prosecution. If there is any repeat it’s probable there will be plenty more muddy footprints.


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