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Bonkers Blog February 2015

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18 February (Part 1) - Green Chain’s broken link

There is a footpath which runs, give or take a few road based sections, all the way from Crystal Palace to the Thames at Crossness. There are other destinations too, for example, to the Thames Barrier. If you fancy a trip to the riverside in the near future perhaps the latter should be your preferred route because Green Chain access to Crossness is blocked until May.
Peabody Housing Association is spending pots of money on Thamesmead again.

The path north of Yarnton Way as far as Southmere Lake is closed from 16th February until 29th May. I must say it was in a rather sorry state when I passed by a couple of weeks ago and Peabody’s plans go well beyond just laying down a new strip of tarmac.

If the scheme runs to schedule it may well yet beat the Northumberland Heath regeneration now in its final scheduled week, to a conclusion.


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