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Bonkers Blog February 2015

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16 February (Part 1) - Lesnes Abbey. Rain stopped play

BexleyBexley council has been advertising that it would be running an information session at Lesnes Abbey this afternoon. It’s two minutes walk from home, well maybe three as my speed on hills declines and when I arrived just before 1:30 the cancellation notices were being prepared for display.

The weather forecast had promised rain. The BBC was saying for London, “rain will spread slowly from the west from late morning, reaching the east coast of Kent by late afternoon, and beginning to clear from the west by evening.” As usual they were wrong, it’s now 14:50 and there is no ‘precipitation within sight’.

But nevertheless it not unreasonably persuaded Bexley’s staff to call the whole thing off.

LesnesNot quite the whole thing, they are coming back on Friday equipped with a marquee and contrary to what Bexley’s website is currently showing, it will be erected in the children’s playground 150 yards to the east.

The BBC is currently forecasting a dry and occasionally sunny day. Probably that will be wrong as well.

The picture is of Bexley’s helpful young lady, Jeanette, and a fellow regular Lesnes walker who would probably prefer to remain anonymous.

Note: It began to rain at three o’clock.


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