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Bonkers Blog February 2015

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9 February (Part 1) - Building a railway on a bog

Abbey Wood The Crossrail piling rig was moved up close to the new Abbey Wood station footbridge last week and 30 feet of concrete took only a minute or two to slip through the subsoil. An amazing sight and not very noisy despite the 85dB notices posted around the station.

A quarter of a mile to the east Network Rail continues to progress the fencing of the grass verge along Alsike Road. The enclosed area is to accommodate the overrun track which will allow emergency interchange of trains, probably failed ones, with the East Kent line.

Overhead electrification will end where the fence is shown in Photo 7 below but the track is expected to extend a little further. Photos 7 and 8 taken from the same position but three days apart.

The beautifully clean toilet is at Abbey Wood station.

Abbey Wood Abbey Wood Abbey Wood Abbey Wood
Abbey Wood Abbey Wood Abbey Wood Abbey Wood
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