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Bonkers Blog February 2015

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4 February (Part 1) - Car park charges up - but not by the claimed 3%

GriffinThe picture is of Alison Griffin, Bexley council’s new Finance Director at the moment she announced to the Cabinet that there would be an across the board increase in charges, fees and tariffs of 3% on average. The documentation said the same thing.

Today Bexley has announced its new car park season ticket charges and your eyes might pop out of your head too. The actual figure is 50% up with a large discount (third) for employees of Bexley based businesses.

Below is an example of the current charges - click image to see them all - and the new charges are listed here.

New annual charges : Albion Road £1026. Avenue Road £1026. Bowling Centre £1026. Cinema £1431. Oaklands Road £1431.

Commuters are going to be hit very hard and why is Bexley employing a Finance Director with such poor arithmetical skills? A 50% increase is a sure sign of just how close Bexley‘s Conservative council has come to steering its finances on to the rocks.

Audio clip: Finance Director announces 3% increase in charges.
Old charges
Above are current charges. For new fees click link in paragraph 3.


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