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Bonkers Blog December 2015

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24 December (Part 2) - P.S. (Please Santa)

I should have known that trying to be generous to Bexley council would all go wrong. The slightly corporate looking but nice card pictured earlier bearing the Watling Street address was not Bexley council official issue as I assumed. It came from Danny Hackett (Labour, Lesnes Abbey) and he had it printed at his own expense. Thanks Danny.

Teresa sent me a card too, no not that Teresa, don’t be silly.

If you followed the links on the council’s Maxine Fothergill disrepute page you will have discovered they all go around in circles and lead nowhere. They tell you nothing at all of what Maxine Fothergill did except that it is clear enough that she was accused of feathering her own nest. In the words of the official report, “conferring an advantage on herself”.

BaconIt would appear that a council officer was in on the act too, hence “bringing the London Borough of Bexley into disrepute”. What was his fate?

The Vexatious Fascist, late of Blackfen and one time Bexley police Inspector has been rubbing his hands with a certain amount of glee. Michael Barnbrook says that covering up a criminal offence is itself a criminal offence and he will not be happy to see that one gathering dust.

Just when councillor Cheryl Bacon’s year of uncertainty over the last allegation of Misconduct in Public Office edges towards the end game it is entirely possible that the process can be started all over again. The chairman of the Code of Conduct Committee is Cheryl Bacon.

It really must be Christmas!


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