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Bonkers Blog December 2015

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21 December (Part 2) - All night long

FacebookCrossrail have a tough schedule to complete; trains to the new platform by February. There is still a great deal to do and their answer appears to be work all night. I went to take a look in the early hours of last Friday morning and again early this morning. See picture.

It cannot be a lot of fun if you live nearby and are trying to sleep. Lorries arriving, squawking their alarm signals and dumping their loads.

The natives are not happy.

CrossrailThe overnight pile cutting at the station site was announced in Network Rail’s December update (delivered by post to everyone within earshot) as was the ballast tamping between Bostall Manorway through to Coptefield Drive. However it specifically says there was to be no unloading of ballast which can be noisy.

Network Rail must have started track work at the Bostall Manorway end because the residents of Abbey Terrace were kept awake last night by the delivery of tools and materials through the access point at the end of their road. Presumably I shall suffer the same fate when they work their way along to Coptefield Drive, possibly using access point S14.

The complaints may be followed in more detail over at Cross with Crossrail.


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