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Bonkers Blog December 2015

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18 December (Part 2) - Tower Hamlets council gives lessons in how to investigate a complaint properly

The blogging week started with praise for Tower Hamlets way of dealing with complaints. In Bexley it has become almost standard practice when their own dishonesty has pushed them into a corner that the Chief Executive declares the complainant vexatious and closes down the conversation.

TuckleyIn Tower Hamlets when they get something serious to consider they hire an independent investigator to consider all the evidence. Considering all the evidence is a very strange concept to Bexley council. Refusing to consider evidence is the reason Tower Hamlet’s new CEO, Will Tuckley, found himself on the end of an ongoing (†) allegation of Misconduct in a Public Office.

Mick Barnbrook who sent a factual email to Tower Hamlets about Mr. Tuckley’s recent history was deliberately discredited in their chamber presumably as part of the effort to influence the council’s decision to appoint him.

The hired independent investigator is sufficiently concerned about it that she telephoned Mick this morning and discussed the matter for about an hour. She wants to interview several witnesses. Mick remarked on the enormous contrast with the secrecy and probable corruption that pervades Bexley but the investigator was already well aware of it generally having worked for several councils. Tower Hamlets is determined to put all that behind them. Will Tuckley must know exactly what it can lead to.

Among the witnesses to be interviewed is my ‘spy’ in the chamber that evening. I still have his text message commentary on what was going on and it has been sent across to the Tower Hamlets investigator for her files.

The ‘spy’ will have to dig out his notes of the evening. Looks like he will be needing them.

† The police are still expecting to hear from the CPS today. A day which gives the shortest possible time for an appeal. Mr. Barnbrook is ready to fly into action.


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