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Bonkers Blog December 2015

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7 December (Part 1) - Unintended consequences

Or penny wise, pound foolish…

Blocked drain Fly tipping Bad parkingThe autumn leaves are occasionally swept from the roads but those that fall in the parks are left to rot with no account taken of what the wind might do, so drains block and roads flood.

The recycling service is degraded and petty rules about closed lids introduced; extra home collections are more expensive than any other nearby borough and the consequences are obvious. Fly tipping is on the increase.

In another effort to raise money a premium rate phone number has been introduced to report inconsiderately parked cars. The Audi shown above was left there all day, not only overhanging a dropped kerb but turning an already blind bend into a greater hazard as drivers were forced on to the wrong side of the road.

I think I would have reported this one, it wasn’t just inconsiderate it was dangerous but I wasn’t going to call a premium rate phone number. I think that is a minimum £55 loss to Bexley council. Hard to be sure given how difficult it is to find anything on Bexley’s website.

The drain hole shown here is without its cover along with its nearest partner. It was left in that state for approximately 36 hours. It was the weekend but it could have been lethal if struck by a motorcyclist.


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