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Bonkers Blog December 2015

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6 December (Part 2) - Lots of Crossrail progress at Abbey Wood. Pity about the train service

Felixstowe Road Felixstowe RoadIt’s not two weeks since the new North Kent line track reached the end of the new Abbey Wood station platform and now it’s laid all the way through.

Scroll through the latest pictures (99 images, 8MB) to see not only the track progress but the extension of the supports for the sound reduction barrier, the filling of the massive hole at the end of Wilton Road, the interminable piling and confirmation that Teresa O’Neill (Orator Belies Exactitude) was talking rot when she reported a month ago that Felixstowe Road was back to normal apart from its temporary road surface.

The massive metal tubes that are being pushed ten metres into the ground as part of the station building foundations are there mainly to keep the bore hole from collapsing when the concrete is poured in. The ground above the ten metre deep strata of clay is far from stable.

In due course the piles will be covered by a metre thick concrete raft. When that happens the station will rise from the mud.

Before that happens there will be another six consecutive weekends of line closures in the new year.
No trains

A good start to the New Year. No trains for the first six weekends. Click to rotate.


Leader’s report to council. 4th November 2015 but see above photos for the truth.


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