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Bonkers Blog December 2015

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5 December (Part 2) - Save Old Farm Park. An unexpected turn of events

The day after it was revealed here that council leader Teresa O’Neill has a taxpayer funded private park for a back garden I received a message to the effect that the ‘forgotten’ space had been added to the list of open spaces to be considered for disposal.

Hiya. I've found out from a Labour councillor that Burr Park has been added to the list.

Without corroboration I could only take it with a pinch of salt. Bexley council doesn’t usually react in fewer than 24 hours and I had not heard from any Labour councillor then or indeed since. However they have been busy elsewhere. This appeared on Facebook yesterday…

DeadmanI am writing to inform you that Bexley Labour Group have managed to get the issue of Old Farm Park put on the agenda for the Places Overview & Scrutiny Committee Meeting on Tuesday next at 7.30 in the civic offices.

On reviewing the paperwork sent out for the consultation, the figures issued on the amount of money to be saved is wrong, it is considerably less than originally stated.

To this end we have managed to get it on the agenda paper as an extra item of business, we would appreciate it if you could please circulate this news to your fellow campaigners and ask them to attend the meeting.

While we cannot guarantee any positive outcome, it does give us added support in our attempt to restart the consultation process and also put in the open space behind the leader of the Councils home, which appears to be unused, as it is locked and has been for some years since the old uplands school was moved, this was the sports field for the school.

I hope to see you at the meeting on Tuesday.

The author was Labour Leader, Alan Deadman. See you next Tuesday he says, which is by chance very similar to the comment alleged to have been made recently by deputy council leader Alex Sawyer when referring to Alan Deadman.

I have no confidence in Bexley council ever doing the decent thing and therefore fear that if the savings from selling parks are “considerably less than originally stated” the danger is that they will sell even more.


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