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Bonkers Blog August 2015

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30 August - Lion Road fails to roar

The weekly trip to Broadway to observe progress on Phase II of its regeneration was not especially interesting. The traffic queues were short both in length and duration.
Broadway Broadway Broadway Broadway
The inconvenience fell mainly on bus passengers and pedestrians.

TfL in their usual uncaring way provided no on board warning of the Lion Road bus stop closure and the walk back from the Asda stop would be quite a long one for anyone heavily laden or not wholly fit. (The gap before the Lion Road stop is much shorter.)

Broadway BroadwayAt the Lion Road junction, pedestrians were forced to cross the road twice because the footpath was entirely closed on the southern side of Broadway.

There had not been sufficient progress on the scheme to get any sense of what may one day appear, meanwhile there is the artist’s impression below.

Make the most of it because it may not be built to last. Outside the Asda supermarket the paving stones are making a dash for freedom. Slowly migrating towards the kerb.

Well the two year old road blocks broke free from captivity, why not the paving stones?

Lion Road


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