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Bonkers Blog August 2015

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29 August (Part 1) - Good thinking batman

Councillor Peter Craske announced in his recent Press Release that a parkour would be officially opened in the Lesnes Abbey Park playground on 28th August and I had no idea what a parkour was. The park is only three or four minutes walk from home so I went along to take a look.

The parkour is situated right next to the slide that was burnt out in June, allegedly by young teenagers. The parkour cost £45,000, the slide was more like £105,000.

The purpose of the parkour is without much doubt to attract teenagers, which it was doing very successfully. It is certainly not suitable for the under tens for which the playground mainly caters and yesterday the only people using it were fit young men.
Parkour Parkour Parkour Parkour
I do hope that Cabinet Member Craske has thought this one through.


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