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Bonkers Blog August 2015

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28 August (Part 2) - Time to go

Peter ScopesIt’s not just dealing with a lying Bexley council all the time that can be ever so slightly depressing, it’s also going to the back pages of the Daily Telegraph and finding someone you know featured large on the obituary page.

Twice in the past couple of years I have read about old classmates from Farnborough Grammar School. First it was professor Terry Hamblin who was a world class haematologist specialising in cancer of the lymph system - ironically he died of exactly that - and then there was Jock Young, reckoned to be the world’s leading criminologist, whatever that might be, but it sounds as though I could have done with him alongside me in Bexley.

Today it was Peter Scopes from Sidcup.

He was briefly a Bexley councillor but there was much more to him that that. I met him several times while following the story of Bexley council’s failed attempt to prosecute Rita Grootendorst. He was giving her able and expert advice despite being not in the best of health.

A man versed in many subjects, author, mathematician, school teacher in both Eltham and Tanzania, overseas adviser to HMG and lay preacher. Being a LibDem councillor in Bexley must have seemed like an awful comedown. But a brilliant man on my brief acquaintance and a great loss to all who knew him.

Click image for obituary.


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