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Bonkers Blog August 2015

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27 August (Part 4) - Tuckley a victim of far right extremism. You couldn’t make it up

I already knew that the true story of Will Tuckley’s refusal to investigate a complaint and the subsequent criminal investigation by Greenwich police had been dismissed as “vexatious rhetoric” by Tower Hamlets because they were taken in by Bexley council’s assurances, but now I am a far right extremist too.

At least that is what The East London Advertiser is saying. Shoddy journalism at its best. Is no one going to check the facts with Greenwich police? Tower Hamlets council may consider it “vexatious rhetoric” but the police were prepared to spend six months looking into it and were very supportive. The case was not only submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service, the police officer considered it worthy of a personal presentation.
Libellous comments
A suitable complaint has been sent to the newspaper. Maybe I should show them some of the evidence against Tuckley that is with the police.


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