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Bonkers Blog August 2015

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26 August (Part 1) - UK Power Nitwits Ltd

It being another dreary day with not a lot going on a return to UK Power Networks’ nonsensical road works at the foot of Knee Hill, Abbey Wood is the best available.

Abbey Road Abbey RoadThe idiocy which left the eastbound carriageway open to any driver who might be confused by signs which said go left or right, the former leading to a cul-de-sac, has been given some attention and is now blocked off.

The generator which was blocking the safest route for pedestrians has been removed but they are still directed into the road to put them at maximum risk.

This may be an attempt to give the absent workforce some protection from passing traffic but if that is the case one might ask why pedestrians are being used as a human shield.

The work remains wholly on the footpath, there has been no need for a week of traffic holdups.

In the morning when commuters are being delivered by car to the railway station where parking spaces are at a premium the traffic queues all the way from the station back to the lower section of Knee Hil, blocking east west (and west east) traffic totally.

Presumably it is asking too much to expect those given permission by Bexley council to block our roads to do so thoughtfully or for Bexley council to monitor the situation?

But perhaps they did and that is why the cones in Photo 2 have been put in place.


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