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Bonkers Blog August 2015

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20 August - Delays and dereliction

Broadway regeneration, Phase II
Lion Road Lion RoadIt being well into week two of Phase II of the Bexleyheath Broadway regeneration scheme I took the bus into town to see how bad the traffic congestion was.

The road was clear.

The reason wasn’t hard to see, the work has been deferred until next week.

So just like Northumberland Heath and Sidcup High Street, the project is two weeks late before it’s started.

Crossrail casualty?
Sainsbury's Costcutter Costcutter Costcutter
It looks as though the total absence of parking spaces outside the shops in Felixstowe Road (Photo 5) for several months past - thanks to Crossrail - and the opening of Sainsbury’s nearby (Photos 3 and 4) has taken its toll on Costcutter.

The three shop fronts shown (Photo 6) were all Costcutter until very recently.

The middle of the three boasts a website. You may check it out now but it is not really worth the effort at the moment.


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