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Bonkers Blog August 2015

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19 August - Tuckley’s off

TuckleyChief Superintendent Dave Stringer was in charge of Bexley’s police when I was told there was no chance of tracing the source of the internet obscenities directed against Elwyn Bryant and me in 2011. (†) The obscene blog was eventually traced to councillor Peter Craske’s phone line.

Dave Stringer left Bexley and went to Tower Hamlets.

Acting Superintendent Tony Gowen was the police officer who arranged a meeting with Will Tuckley and the Crown Prosecution Service “"to resolve the [Peter Craske’s] situation”, or in other words find a way of getting Craske off a Misconduct in Public Office charge.

Tony Gowen left Bexley and went to Tower Hamlets.

Chief Executive Will Tuckley is the man who refused to take the word of ten people who made statements to the effect that councillor Cheryl Bacon is one big liar, preferring to take the totally unsupported word of the aforesaid big liar.

Will Tuckley is to leave Bexley and go to Tower Hamlets.

Tower Hamlets is by general consent the most corrupt council in London, if not the country. Tower Hamlets is in dire need of a man who can shield it from the consequences of its criminal activities and preferably one with a proven track record in that department.

When completing his job application did Mr. Tuckley reveal the charge of Misconduct in Public Office currently under consideration by the Crown Prosecution Service?

Please excuse my cynicism but his transfer must surely mean he is pretty confident that political interference will resolve his situation, just as it did Peter Craske’s.

In 2013 the Evening Standard reported that Will Tuckley was on a £244,897 salary package. His opposite number at Tower Hamlets was on £104,015. How does that work?

† Following a complaint by myself and my MP he later agreed to review the decision. Chief Superintendent Stringer is now the Met’s Head of Community Engagement. He was recently quoted in the Evening Standard as saying “I don’t see abuse as free speech. It’s criminal and will be treated as such”. Not if a politician is responsible for it presumably.

Council leader Teresa O’Neill OBE (Overpaid Bureaucrat Exits) said…

Dear Councillors and Bexley Colleagues,

I am writing to let you know that Will Tuckley is expected to be appointed as Chief Executive of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets at its Extraordinary Council Meeting on 26th August and will, subject to confirmation of the appointment at that meeting, be resigning from his role in Bexley.

Will has been the Chief Executive since March 2008. During that time the Council has faced significant challenges but made some significant improvements for residents and their quality of life. These achievements include:
· Successful regeneration and improvements in Crayford, Slade Green and Bexleyheath with further substantial investment planned for Thamesmead, Abbey Wood and Erith.
· Modernisation and improvements in the way residents access services and higher customer satisfaction ratings from Bexley residents.
· Improved performance across all of Bexley’s schools with better results for pupils.
· The successful completion of Strategy 2014 which delivered in the region of £61m of expenditure reductions, much of it by streamlining the Council’s management and delivering efficiencies.
· The successful completion of the Bexley First Project which saw the Council move into modern, efficient offices and deliver reductions in running costs.
· Delivering services within the overall budget and rebuilding the Council’s financial reserves.
· Developing a Strategy for Growth that will bring significant benefits to the borough and its residents.
· Children’s Services continue to improve following the lifting of the Improvement Notice.

We wish Will every success in his new role and thank him for his considerable contribution to ensuring that Bexley’s residents receive excellent services from the Council and its partners. Will leaves the Council with a strong and ambitious management team and with clear strategies in place to address the considerable financial and other challenges facing local government and Bexley in particular.

I shall advise you shortly of the arrangements to ensure a smooth transition pending the appointment of a new Chief Executive.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Teresa O’Neill, OBE
Leader of the Council

Tower Hamlets announcement.


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