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Bonkers Blog August 2015

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18 August - Rubbish and councillor Philip Read

It is scraping the news barrel somewhat to emulate Anna Firth and go hunting for rubbish but having been tipped off by a resident of Kingswood Avenue in Belvedere it represented a fairly easy option.

Fly tipping Fly tippingThe report said there was a complete Wendy House dumped in the woods behind Elstree Gardens. That’s the woods a couple of hundred yards east of the Lesnes Abbey playground which was torched on 9th June.

It was said Bexley council had been notified but they claimed to be too busy to collect it.

The Wendy House was not the only heap of rubbish in the area but the only piece which was clearly in the council owned woods. The rest was on the unmade road and the ownership of that is unknown to me.

Fly tipping Fly tipping Fly tipping Fly tipping

Another consultation
Not only another consultation but another consultation on Children’s Services before the result of the first one is known. Cabinet member Philip Read says the intention is to provide additional help but it’s not very long since he closed several Children’s Centres.

I am reluctant to publish too much news relating to specific cases of the abuse carried out by Bexley’s Social Services against families and their children but I can reveal that the Local Government Ombudsman recently instructed Bexley’s Director of Children’s Services Jackie Tiotto to issue an “unreserved apology” to a mother who has been treated in an appalling fashion by Bexley council. When the case reaches its conclusion I am expecting to be able to report rather more.

Jackie Tiotto was appointed to her post after this particular abuse was authorised by Bexley council.

For the railway enthusiasts there are a few more photos of the track laying train and locomotive at work after being parked in Crossrail’s Plumstead sidings since the weekend.


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