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Bonkers Blog August 2015

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8 August (Part 2) - A job for Rob

Bexley council justifies its proposed sale of parks and open spaces by claiming that the cash raised will allow the rest to be properly maintained and not be blighted by knee high grass as deputy council leader Alex Sawyer said parks across the Greenwich border are at the last council meeting, but if the story about Greenwich’s parks is true it would be the pot calling the kettle black.

Sidcup’s walled garden has been left untended all year, something first noted in these pages three months ago. However with the alacrity of youth councillor Rob Leitch (Conservative, Sidcup) has organised a rescue party; as if upsetting the leadership with his Old Farm Park speech a couple of weeks ago wasn’t enough for him. Working directly with and for the community while his party bosses creep off in the other direction hoping no one will notice is unlikely to do a lot for his popularity with the OBE. (Obergruppenführer Begrudges Enterprise.)
Walled Garden
When Rob first burst on to the scene just over a year ago fellow Sidcup councillor June Slaughter suggested I should be prepared to be impressed and probably I was too quick off the mark with my comments about his early enthusiasm for a few granite benches and pretty shop fronts in Sidcup High Street. Once councillor Leitch found his feet in the chamber it become very apparent that June was absolutely right.

Councillor Leitch has not only quickly recruited a team of volunteer gardeners but obtained sponsorship from local businesses with Ruxley Manor Garden Centre additionally providing the horticultural expertise. I understand that the rates are £350 for each of the major flower beds for two years which seems very reasonable to me.

Further donations are always welcome of course and if Rob can be persuaded to release his new charity bank account details I’ll let you know. In fact if he fails to get sponsorship for all of the available plots I think I’ll sponsor one myself. Thorny topiary formed to the letters BiB surrounded by something poisonous sounds about right to me.
Walled Garden Walled Garden Walled Garden Walled Garden
Walled Garden Walled Garden Walled Garden Walled Garden
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Councillor Rob Leitch comments.


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