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Bonkers Blog August 2015

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8 August (Part 1) - Dan’s the man

Lesnes LesnesI asked Lesnes Abbey ward councillor Danny Hackett what he was Twittering on about when he said that the Abbey playground appeared to have suffered additional damage because as an irregular visitor I didn’t see any. Danny might be more on the ball.

Councillor Hackett was able to say that the sandbags were covering a small trampoline which had been slashed and the tape around one of the slide platforms was new and put there because it has been seriously cracked.

While I was on site yesterday morning it was being checked over by one of the park maintenance contractor’s men. He was not optimistic for the slide’s future while he attended to a damaged perimeter fence.

Danny said that yesterday’s attack on the temporary Heras fence did not simply tip it over but caused serious damage, which I had noticed. It was at least the third attack he knew of and it was likely to be reinforced soon.

I can’t help feeling that having got away with the arson attack the culprits may be seeing the minimally secured park as a challenge. For me it is only three minutes walk away and with the patio door left open on a warm evening the gangs swarming around Lesnes Abbey are not difficult to hear. Reports from staff there say it too was fire damaged a few days ago.


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