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Bonkers Blog August 2015

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6 August (Part 3) - Loons with balloons

ParkingA bit of me thinks that Bexley council won’t make any money out of its scamera cars because people don’t go around breaking all the rules of roads, they are generally more sensible than that aren’t they?

And then I look at the way some people park. The white Audi was parked in Abbey Wood a few days ago right across the entry to a small cul-de-sac near the station. He couldn’t pull forward because the double yellow line started there so half blocked the road instead.

My own road was nearly blocked today by commuter parking. The silver FIAT (Photo 2) was parked on a blind corner contrary to The Highway Code and forcing everyone heading for Abbey Road on to the wrong side of Carrill Way.

Further along two untidily parked cars made life very difficult for anyone driving something bigger than a large van. Obviously people with no sense or consideration for other road users. Just the sort of people that Bexley council will be hoping might help fill their black hole.

The driver of the silver Alfa Romeo is clearly extremely careless. Who would drive on a tyre like that? (Photo 5.)

Parking Parking Parking Parking


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