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Bonkers Blog August 2015

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5 August (Part 1) - No sign of a sign

NoticeHave they caught you yet? Doing a sneaky U-turn, getting behind some idiot who stops leaving a massive gap in front when traversing a yellow box junction? That sort of thing.

Be careful, Bexley council is out to get you. Since 1st August their Gestapo wagons have been training lenses on places judged to be worth their while in terms of plugging Bexley’s financial black hole.

At council meetings the junction of Broadway with Church Road has been held up as an example of a possible lucrative spot, possibly creating a new traffic hazard by parking a camera car where anyone else would be fined.

But it will all be fair and above board we were told, every one of their favoured money boxes will be identified. “Signs will be placed in locations where moving traffic offences will be enforced”.

Unless it is very well hidden there is no CCTV enforcement notice in Church Road.

Church Road


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