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Bonkers Blog April 2015

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24 April (Part 1) - Bexley Council. Twinned with Tower Hamlets

So Bexley council is not the only council to get police protection. One of the men who brought the court case against mayor Lutfur Rahman of Tower Hamlets was on BBC Radio 4 just before eight o’clock this morning boldly stating that the senior police officers in Tower Hamlets are corrupt.

TelegraphI have no doubt whatever that he is right, the borough commander at the time of the last elections in Tower Hamlets was none other than Bexley’s former Commander Dave Stringer.

Whilst here he was manipulated by Teresa O’Neill and at her behest threatened to arrest her critics. It was Commander Dave Stringer who said there was no evidence to allow him to proceed with an investigation into Bexley council’s criminal activities when papers obtained subsequently show that not to be the case.

Councillor Peter Craske was subsequently arrested but a further round of political interference ensured he was never charged.

It was under the same Commander Dave Stringer that a Bexley resident was charged with encouraging the posting of dog faeces through councillor Melvin Seymour’s letter box and supported his statement to that effect through more than half a dozen court appearances without once referring to the documentary evidence obtained by his officers which clearly showed councillor Seymour’s statement to be false.

StringerWhen Stringer left Bexley for Tower Hamlets just over three years ago he was soon followed by his side-kick Tony Gowen, the man who set up a meeting between the CPS and Bexley council to, as he quaintly put it, resolve Peter Craske’s situation. Birds of a feather etc.

If you run a bent council it’s always good to have a police officer like Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer on side.

Dave Stringer has supposedly been under investigation by the Metropolitan Police for Misconduct in Public Office for almost 18 months. I suspect he is being protected by the corruption that goes to the top of the Met.


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