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Bonkers Blog April 2015

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21 April (Part 1) - Promises, promises

FirthOne of Anna Firth’s (Conservative Election Candidate, Erith & Thamesmead) early ‘Campaigns’ was for a better train service. Sort it Southeastern she called it. Well good luck with that!

Anna’s campaigning partners at the time were councillor Philip Read and Amandeep Singh Bhogal before he was whisked away to Northern Ireland to be the Tory Candidate for Upper Bann and for his 15 minutes of fame making a monkey of Ed Miliband.

Amandeep has form for claiming to be able to improve train services, he was doing the same four years ago, got his name in the papers for it, the much missed Bexleyheath Chronicle.

The Bexleyheath Chronicle wasn’t afraid to kick back at Bexley councillors and their friends; when they received critical letters they tended to publish them. Like this one.

TwitterSteve Smith was pretty sure that Amandeep’s campaign was all hot air. If electoral promises were not all hot air we would all be living in a much better place by now.

I am still in dithering mode. I had been swinging towards Anna to keep the SNP at bay and then drifting away again and this morning’s Twitter post from Anna confirmed I was right to do so. (See image.)

The Chronicle also carried a letter from councillor Philip Read complaining that Teresa Pearce had missed a vote in the Commons. The paper’s Editor added a footnote to explain that Teresa had a prior engagement. It had been reported on Bonkers three months earlier. Read could have asked Teresa at a constituency event,  where they were both present but he did not. I referred to Read as a piece of filth following his repeated personal attacks in the council chamber, he should never have been elected as a councillor, let alone be in charge of a department that has failed the borough’s children so comprehensively.

What sort of low life petty minded s*** writes to the newspaper about an MP missing a vote anyway?

Sorry Anna, but I really cannot vote for someone who is influenced by such a nasty piece of work as councillor Philip Read.


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