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Bonkers Blog April 2015

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20 April - Health foods, Bacon and hot potatoes

It’s repetition I know but thank you again for the kind words following my affliction with the dreaded flu bug. It seems I am not alone in suffering it and some have had to be checked over in hospital. It’s not been just kind words either, I can barely believe that health foods and vitamin pills have been left on my doorstep along with get well messages.

I feel my present condition is not unlike Bexley council’s Children’s Services. Signs of improvement compared to the recent past but still a long way from how things should be. Councillor Read might describe me as fighting fit, but as yet I am not.

The grey matter is certainly on a go slow. Today two more political leaflets have been added to the library of such things but with far too many technical mistakes along the way. However Stefano Borella’s (Labour) and Chris Attard’s (UKIP) Bexleyheath and Crayford leaflets are probably now safely on line.

It is quite a long time since the criminal allegations against councillor Cheryl Bacon, Will Tuckley and his legal Team Manager Lynn Tyler were last mentioned here, these things always take ages. It’s four years to the day (†) since councillor Peter Craske’s telephone line mysteriously transmitted all that illegal homophobia to the web - and the repercussions are still rumbling around the pending trays of the IPCC and the Metropolitan Police.

Greenwich police have always been very supportive of the case against Bacon and clearly regard her lies and the council’s refusal to investigate whether of not her allegations were false, as very serious issues. My expectation was that Bexley council would inject some of their well practiced “political interference” but so far at least there has been no sign of that having any effect.

My last communication from the police requested I did not make the details public so all I can say is that my confidence in the investigating police officer is further enhanced and I am more convinced than ever that he knows that the case against the wife of London’s highest paid councillor is well founded.

Whether we will see Cheryl Bacon and her cronies behind bars, or even in court, is another matter entirely of course but the thoroughness of Greenwich police’s investigation and their determination to see justice done cannot be in any doubt. Whilst I have no proof that it was him, I believe it may have been Chief Superintendent Peter Ayling - former Bexley police commander - who had the good sense to pass this hot potato down the road. Pulling strings for Bexley council had already got him into quite enough trouble already. That case is in a pending tray somewhere in New Scotland Yard too.

† It’s three years and eleven months. Told you the brain was not working properly!


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