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Bonkers Blog April 2015

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11 April (Part 2) - Blisters and bluster

TersaI hope I am not following in the footsteps of a certain Bexley councillor who collects election leaflets as a hobby but I have tried to do as in previous years and post as many as possible on line. Unfortunately my two most reliable suppliers from earlier years seem to have disappeared - I am beginning to think they must be dead - so this year’s collection is not looking good.

Last Tuesday I received a Labour leaflet at exactly the same time as a Conservative one. The former - timed by the front door video camera - was from Teresa Pearce with a lovely personal note attached while the other was plucked from a gutter in Gayton Road after Anna Firth had spent the previous evening selling her policies to commuters at Abbey Wood station.

Both ladies never stop working though their styles are rather different. Teresa is a traditional door basher with feet that must be very sore by now and Anna is more inclined to take a break from the foot work when she can to keep an eye open for photo opportunities.

Anna AnnaI can’t quite imagine Anna with dirt under her fingernails but the blue dungarees suit her just fine and she should be assured of a new career path if she is not elected.

A question you may be asking if you live in the Erith and Thamesmead constituency is “where’s UKIP?”

It must be a dreadful disadvantage to be campaigning on behalf of a party with no established local base when you have full time employment to maintain. I’ve received one leaflet but seen no sign of door stepping or photo posing. It’s probably not a good sign when modern elections are partially fought on social media.

TweetI am still dithering about who to vote for and I really cannot see that changing any time soon.

This morning I was coming around to the view that I would vote Tory as a slightly less bad option than a party whose answer to everything is to tax me more. But then the breakfast time radio news told me that the Tories had absolutely ruled out spending enough to properly defend the country.

If someone comes along and steals your country all the other policies become worthless don’t they? So that’s Cameron out of the running again.

Maybe Anna can save the day as well as the Splash Park, she seems to have all the right connections and more than enough determination.

Perhaps instead of simply taking tea and cakes with the man who would give our country away in order to bribe us with electoral promises, she’d give him a piece of her true blue mind. But what use is a promise from either Right or Left anyway?

Come on Ronie Johnson, where the hell are you?

Your house or Michael’s Anna?


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