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Bonkers Blog April 2015

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1 April (Part 2) - The Quarry Men

I have spent more time than was probably sensible looking at the archived two and a half hour webcast of last night’s Erith Quarry planning meeting and my prediction of what probably happened was as accurate as I thought it would be. It’s pointless - well there is not enough time - to do a formal report but there is one short section that brought me up with a jolt especially as I had only just read this morning’s Tweet from my friendly neighbourhood Bobby.

He said that there had been no burglaries in Thamesmead (Bexley side) or Lesnes Abbey in the last four weeks.

TweetCouncillor John Davey, once useless in Lesnes Abbey, now plaguing Crayford knows better than PC Chris Molnar.

This is what caveman Davey said. Apologies for the dreadful sound quality provided by Bexley council’s expensive sound system. How can it be so much worse than my tiny recorder ‘miles’ from the speakers?

This short clip has been slightly edited to make it clear that the most important statement does refer to Thamesmead. The original occurs around the one hour twenty minute mark of the webcast.


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