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Bonkers Blog September 2014

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20 September - Crossrail makes its presence felt all around Abbey Wood

There isn’t a rail closure through Abbey Wood this weekend and major infrastructure changes may be on pause but there has been no shortage of smaller jobs being progressed.

Crossrail Crossrail CrossrailI have no idea what is going on at the extreme eastern end of the line, under the Lesnes Abbey footbridge, where the overhead electricity supply is going to end.

The area shown was closed off at the end of August and this week work began on erecting a substantial fence.

As there is nothing but grass between my house and this fence I am disappointed that Crossrail have not said what is going on. When they were drilling soil samples every local resident was sent a letter of explanation.

At Abbey Wood station there has been progress on both the new booking office and the footbridge.

Crossrail Crossrail Crossrail Crossrail Crossrail Wilton Road Wilton Road Harrow Manorway

The footbridge has had some of the side panels filled in and a rather plain rectangular building has been erected by the side of the booking office. One of the stall holders at the station said it was the new shopping facility.

Nearby yet more large concrete pipes were being manoeuvred into another deep hole in the ground. Crossrail are clearly taking water dispersal far more seriously than Bexley council ever did.

In Wilton Road Greenwich council has modified its junction with Knee Hill to allow two way working. Bexley has yet to act and up on the Harrow Manorway viaduct a pedestrian crossing is being installed.

The illegal Bus Lane will be no more and all traffic will have to use a single lane. It is to be hoped that not too many buses arrive at once or a tail-back will become inevitable.

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