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Bonkers Blog September 2014

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14 September (Part 2) - Crossrail update

As far as the casual onlooker could tell, there were only two jobs being actively pursued this weekend on the Plumstead/Abbey Wood section of Crossrail.

What is probably the temporary station’s booking office appeared to be being provided with a shelter for waiting passengers.

Further west the now redundant Dartford bound track was being broken up and removed in small sections.

Larger sections (see the fifth of the pictures below) proved to be troublesome due to their tendency to mimic pendulums.

Some pictures as usual; and for the trainspotters, a new Index to past Crossrail blogs.

Station Crosrail Crossrail Crosrailt Crosrail Crosrail Crosrail Signpost

Some sort of track alignment must have been going on. After vehicle shown traversed the new Dartford bound track some men got busy levering the new curve.


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