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Bonkers Blog September 2014

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Old Farm

8 September - Bexley councillors on holiday longer than ever

There has not been a council meeting of note since 23rd July and there will not be another until 9th October. I’m excluding statutory requirements like Licensing and Planning and obscure gatherings like Pensions which I don’t attend. To be pedantic the Audit Committee meets on 24th September and I do sometimes report on that one, but basically there is nothing much going on.

Last year business was in full swing well before the end of September but with council leader Teresa O’Neill determined to clamp down on scrutiny there are obviously far fewer meetings to be squeezed into the timetable.

Personally I still have my hands full. Three friends and family members in hospital and there are still some things to do at home, though not as urgent and time consuming as recently. However time to follow up reports has been hard to come by.

The backlog of emails is being tackled but some promised phone calls are now so late that it is embarrassing. Meanwhile there is always Crossrail on my doorstep. What looks like the temporary booking office was delivered over the weekend. Here’s a few pictures - straight into the sun as usual. At least there is some sun, it’s not been around much this month.

Crossrail Crossrail CrossrailIt may or may not be the new booking office, the small windows suggest it might be but the presence of a door between them in addition to the one at the end may indicate something different.

Whatever they do let’s hope they provide a big canopy for the long queues which afflict Abbey Wood from time to time. The sun doesn’t always shine.


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