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Bonkers Blog September 2014

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1 September (Part 3) - Fancy that. ‘ere wigo again

WigWhen I’ve seen Will Tuckley at council meetings all dressed up in a wig complete with pirate’s pigtail I’ve always assumed it must signify recognition that he is in some way responsible for upholding lawful operations within Bexley council. What a ridiculous concept!

Mr. John Watson, a regular attendee at council meetings who worked within the legal fraternity all his life wasn’t so sure and decided to ask Bexley council why its Chief Executive wears a wig. He actually got a reply!

It said, “The Annual meeting of the Council is historically, both a formal and ceremonial event, which witnesses the swearing-in to office of the new Mayor and the retirement from office of the outgoing Past Mayor. It has for many years been the convention that Bexley’s Chief Executive, as advisor to the Mayor at this meeting, wears the wig and gown.”

It doesn’t really explain why Will has been seen wearing the wig at other meetings but it confirms that my supposition was wrong and John was right. Will Tuckley’s wig is pure fancy dress.


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