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Bonkers Blog October 2014

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31 October - Winding down for November

As I have said many times before, it never seems worth putting a lot of effort into the last day of the month blog when it is going to disappear next day, and the fact is that anything more significant is still at the ‘research’ stage.

Plumstead police want to interview me next Thursday and I shall have to find some time to assemble relevant documents and I am looking into a case which may put Bexley’s inadequate child care services in the firing line again. Bexley council has just recruited someone from OFSTED to sort them out. Maybe the Deputy Director of Children’s Social Care who has overseen all the recent calamities and persuaded friends to do the Serious Case Reviews will be rumbled at last.

Bad spelling New exit Parking signSo all I am left with is a few recent photos which are never now likely to find a decent home. There is the misspelt sign to Harrow Manorway, The finished exit to the Gayton Road car park which was ready for use at the beginning of the week but is now more firmly barricaded than ever, and finally an example of Bexley council selling film locations in Crayford. Maybe it‘s a documentary on the renaissance of strip pubs.

All of the photographs demand sight of the larger version - and maybe 20/20 vision - (just click) if you are to see what little interest there is in them.

Third photograph by Brian Barnett.


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