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Bonkers Blog October 2014

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29 October (Part 2) - Great tits, creepers and rooks

Jonathan RooksThe website featured in the previous blog, is probably not a serious campaigning site. When I noticed it was complaining that Bexley council had withdrawn its list of land for sale from its website and wouldn’t let the Wildlife people have a copy, I used its web Comments section to provide a link to the document.

After an hour or so for moderation the link duly appeared at the foot of their page but overnight it disappeared. I thought I should find out more about the site and soon realised that I had previously been asleep on the job. It is run by the same person as; Jonathan Rooks. Only two days ago the implied criticism of Bexley council was removed from that site too. I think it would be fair to assume that any campaign against Bexley council run by a former Tory and contractor to Bexley council will have one hand tied behind its back and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

I doubt I will be devoting much space to campaign sites with such mixed motives again.

TweetCampaigning against crooked councils is a time consuming business and not for the impatient. The Peter Craske business is still dragging on three and a half years after the obscenities were first sent up his phone line. Former mayor Sharon Massey’s dalliance with naked oiled bodies in The Charlotte pub still rumbles on too. Councillor Stefano Borella has been pushing for the pub’s licence to be reviewed; just because it is run by a councillor is not a good reason to look the other way.

The News Shopper has a report on recent developments.

Blocked bridlewaySomething that has not been reported for a long time and ought to be wrapped up is Bexley council’s illegal closure of Bridleway 250. It was established that to close a bridleway because of crime a council must first obtain the permission of the Secretary of State. Bexley council didn’t even ask and the reason was fairly obvious. Far from being a crime hotspot, the locality is almost crime free. It was another case where Bexley council connived with the police to hide the truth. The case should have gone to court, it’s an easy enough process and at one time Michael Barnbrook thought he might do that himself.

However he is not personally affected by the closure of the bridleway and he argued that it would be much better if the local residents who had alerted him to the problem in the first place took out the summons. However after months of to-ing and fro-ing during which time The Bexley Action Group offered to pay their expenses, they backed off. So once again Bexley council is able to break the law and get away from it because no one really cares.


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