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Bonkers Blog October 2014

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18 October (Part 1) - A rare police invitation to talk

Whilst a 30 month old complaint against Bexley police is stalled, a three month old one (†) against Will Tuckley (Bexley’s Chief Executive), Lynn Tyler (Bexley's Legal Team Leader), Mal Chivers (a doorman) and the lying councillor Cheryl Bacon is at the beginning of the investigatory road.

This is an extract from an email sent to Mick Barnbrook yesterday by an officer at Plumstead police station…

I have been allocated the investigation into alleged misconduct in a public office & alleged perverting the course of justice in relation to council members and staff. The crime reference number is 3911683/14.

I have been supplied with a dossier of documentation by DC Xxxxxx [DPS investigating officer who sent the letter below] who has conduct of a parallel investigation in relation to the alleged police involvement in the above matter and the alleged subsequent inaction by the police.

I will need some time to review and digest this material. Once I have completed that task I would like to discuss the matter with you. Can you please email me with your availability for dates after Wednesday 22nd October 2014?

That’s a bit better initial effort than has come from the DPS. All my own suggestions that I should meet the DPS DC have been ignored and it is obvious she hasn’t a clue what is going on - well you wouldn't if you haven’t read the case file - and while Mick triumphantly told me that she had agreed to meet him during a conversation with her six weeks ago she is now denying she ever said that.

About Mick’s criminal allegation that the police backed the council’s lie that he, me and others had to be forcibly ejected from the council chamber, the DPS investigating officer is even more confused than she is on mine; the political interference into the Craske case. If she carries on being useless I’ll let you know her name.

Meanwhile, my councillor Danny Hackett (Labour, Lesnes Abbey ward) told me he had a formal meeting with Chief Inspector Ian Broadbridge. He is the Bexley police officer who went out of his way to muddy the waters for Mick Barnbrook and confirmed in writing that the police had decided to support the liars at Bexley council. I asked Danny how he got on and he said he couldn’t tell me so I tried another tack. “Is Chief Inspector Broadbridge now fully aware that Cheryl Bacon and her supporters have all lied from beginning to end?” Councillor Hackett did not disappoint.

† This link is to the allegation against councillor Cheryl Bacon. A similar one against the council officers is not currently available.


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