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Bonkers Blog October 2014

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17 October (Part 2) - Over my dead body

News ShopperIt’s three an a half years (May 2011) since someone sat down before the Craske household’s computer and indulged their own homosexual fantasies. It is two and a half years (June 2012) since councillor Peter Craske was arrested.

Two weeks before that Elwyn Bryant and I complained to police Commissioner Hogan-Howe that Bexley police were feeding us false information and ignoring evidence and it is two years (December 2012) since they admitted that they had been subjected to political interference and documentary evidence of it came to light. (January 2013.)

It is almost two years (December 2012) since Sergeant Michelle Gower of the Directorate of Professional Standards told me that no one at Bexley police stations had done anything wrong and attempted to justify her conclusions with technically illiterate and obviously false statements. It is more than a year (September 2013) since the Independent Police Complaints Commission agreed that Sergeant Gower’s investigation was unsatisfactory and referred it back to the DPS to do the job properly.

It took six months of correspondence (to July 2014) to persuade the DPS that reading the original case papers might be a good idea and here we are 30 months on from making the original complaint and three months after the DPS agreed at long last to send for the case papers; so the complaint must be reaching a conclusion. Right?

Wrong! This is the what I received from them this week.
Perhaps they are hoping that Elwyn and I will die before they get off their arses so that crooked police officers may carry on being crooked.


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