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Bonkers Blog October 2014

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16 October (Part 3) - 24 saints. One sinner

The advent of webcasting has improved the behaviour of Bexley councillors no end, hence the lack of excitement in the blog below but behind the scenes they are as crooked and conniving as they always have been.

A year ago Mick Barnbrook established via the Freedom of Information Act that no member of the public had had a complaint against a councillor upheld in the previous three years.

If you click here you can see what sort of complaints have been made since July 2012. If I counted correctly there were 25 complaints and just one was upheld. A councillor shouted. For that he may or may not have had his knuckles rapped but he would be free to lie and libel without fear of sanction. What else would you expect when the biggest liar of all is chairman of the Standards Committee?


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