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Bonkers Blog October 2014

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14 October (Part 3) - Mischief making

A mischief maker asked me to research who was at the top of the management pile at Thanet council when they made the grant to Melltree Properties who appear to have lost track of £68,000. Before I get misinterpreted again I should explain to those who didn’t follow yesterday’s link that this was not a case of fraud within Thanet council, but perhaps it was neglectful supervision indicative of a poorly managed council.

Paul MooreMy research discovered what I suspect the mischief maker already knew.

The grant was made in November 2007 and from at least the beginning of 2006 (the earliest reference I can find) Thanet council’s Corporate Director was Paul Moore; the same Paul Moore who joined Bexley council as Director of Corporate Services in April 2009.

If you think that bringing this to your attention is mischief making you would probably be right. It unintentionally slipped out during a conversation with a councillor a few days ago that Mr. Moore thinks I do not deserve to be represented by any of my councillors because I am habitually critical of Bexley council.

To my mind that is only one notch down the scale from council leader Teresa O’Neill who thinks criticism of her council deserves arrest by the police. Neither will be forgotten in a hurry. Whenever I feel I have had enough of blogging I picture a furious woman marching into the cop shop and demanding they do something which the Independent Police Complaints Commission later condemned. There is no integrity at the top in Bexley council or among their obedient servants in Arnsberg Way.

Police statement


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