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Bonkers Blog October 2014

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13 October (Part 1) - Danny has a point. Did Katie?

Perrior Tweet I caught Danny Hackett’s Tweet and put the TV on immediately. I’m one of those people who will tell you that there is never anything worth watching on TV which is probably not true but I never get time to watch that is for sure - just over two hours last week. But for Danny I made an exception.

Having followed up today’s Tweet I see that there is not only ‘nothing on TV’, there are ‘nobodies on TV’. Sky News valued Katie Perrior’s opinion on who might appear in any pre-General Election debate. Probably no one else does but on the other hand her website shows her hob-knobbing with David Cameron.

For those who might need a reminder, Danny is my energetic Labour representative in Lesnes Abbey ward and Katie Perrior is the former Bexley cabinet member for Children’s Services. The one who said everything was looking rosy in her beleaguered department after it was on the receiving end of a critical OFSTED report; and on that basis stood down as councillor just in time not to have to face OFSTED’s Improvement Notice.

Katie Perrior first came to Bonkers’ attention after she wrote to a local newspaper pleading poverty as the reason for needing to take £22k a year of taxpayers’ money for failure. The truth was she owned a very successful PR company. Hence the TV appearances and the very groomed and well nourished look.


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