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Bonkers Blog October 2014

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8 October (Part 2) - Belvedere Splash Park to close

Splash ParkVoting to maintain Bexley’s risible 24th place in the London council tax league last May will have far reaching consequences. Some of them are beginning to surface.

Hidden away in Bexley council’s plans is one to save £20,000 a year by closing Belvedere’s Splash Park. It managed to survive eight years of Tory rule so maybe that’s a minor miracle.

The official statement that “The Splash Park will not re-open after the 2014-15 season” is rather confusing. It was only ever open in the summer months so the 2014-15 date must refer to the financial year and the budget statement shows the saving applies to the financial year beginning next April. It is safe to assume that your children can kiss goodbye to a free paddle next summer.

The decision is that of the same councillor who wrecked the children’s summer fun too. What does Don Massey have in mind next?

Note: It later became apparent that the Splash Park decision was not councillor Massey’s.


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