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Bonkers Blog October 2014

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8 October (Part 1) - The Met’s DPS. Discredited, Perverted, Shambolic

I’m not sure I ever had any but I have lost all confidence in the ability of the police to investigate the corrupt relationship between themselves and Bexley council. It didn't help when the officer investigating my own complaint admitted more than six months after it was made that she hadn’t yet troubled to send for the police file on the matter. As a result she was asking me to guess who may have been guilty of corruption beyond those I had picked out from the redacted file.

Perhaps by now she has stumbled across the evidence of collusion between Bexley police, Will Tuckley and the CPS who were trying to “resolve the [Peter Craske] situation” and the source material that led a Bexley police officer to tell Elwyn Bryant and me that their obscene blog investigation was “crippled by political interference”.

So when Mick Barnbrook told me that his allegations of crime related to councillor Cheryl Bacon’s fantasies and the official lies designed to protect her were to be investigated by the same officer, it seemed inevitable that a great big time wasting muddle awaited him.

I was not wrong.

The DPS (Directorate of Professional Standards) officer is clearly out of her depth and it is not even certain that the Peter Craske (Obscene Blog) and Cheryl Bacon (Closed Session meeting) cases are being treated separately. My own offers to meet the officer were ignored totally and Mick has been unable to secure a meeting either. His evidence of criminal activity is undoubtedly complex, one letter included 94 pages of evidence, but it would seem that the police would rather remain in ignorance. Two months ago a DPS officer phoned Mick to tell him that he had no intention of reading his file of evidence against Chief Superintendent Peter Ayling.

Probably you will not be surprised to hear that Mick received a letter from the DPS a couple of days ago to say they now have no trace of that particular allegation.

However his allegation of crime against Will Tuckley has not yet been lost and in an unexpected turn of events the police have accepted it isn’t right that Tuckley is investigated by his mates in Arnsberg way. Greenwich police have been given the job.

Police statementIt looks like an open and shut case to me. On his own admission, Will Tuckley and Co. refused to interview any witness to Cheryl Bacon’s night of infamy, perhaps because he knew that several councillors were willing to testify against her. Only her own lies were taken into account. As a result Bexley council belatedly went on the record to say that five members of the public had to be forcibly ejected from the council chamber after refusing to leave of their own accord. A 100% lie invented by Bexley council and contradicted by their earlier statements and now backed by Bexley police officers who I do not hesitate to call corrupt. Because that is what they are.


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