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Bonkers Blog October 2014

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6 October (Part 1) - Bexley is Batty

FoxIf you have read Hugh Neal’s latest blog you will know that Pewty Acres was recently invaded by a fox. It doesn’t surprise me at all. They sometimes walk alongside me while I collect the morning paper and use my drive for sun bathing when they are feeling lazy. Probably the one shown was unhappy about his injured foot.

Those of us who live alongside Bexley’s many wooded areas and stare at the night sky at the right time of year will almost certainly have seen a handful of bats darting around. I have often seem them when walking back from the station a few hours after dark. But I have almost never seen them from my garden even though I have looked occasionally.

BatLast night I was, like Hugh, tinkering with my laptop (Chromebook for the pedantic) and I thought I saw a dead leaf float by on the autumn breeze, but I was wrong. A bat landed on the carpet and made no effort whatsoever to move on. Plenty of time to fetch a camera.

I suppose it couldn’t see me and was bewildered by the unfamiliar sounds. I helped it to the patio door and it immediately flew off in the direction of Lesnes Abbey where it presumably came from.

He was the cutest little creature I have seen for some time.

One up on Hugh Neal’s fox I think but I shall be keeping my patio door shut in future. I had a frog hop in once but as yet, no foxes.


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