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News and Comment October 2014

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2 October - Slipping off the fence. Knee Hill and Brampton Road no longer a big issue

First they were against Thames crossings, then they were in favour of crossings so long as they were in the right place. i.e. not too close to Bexley. Then they were for a new crossing so long as it was their own Belvedere idea and Gallions Reach didn’t happen, and then today they were not so very sure of that either.

Bexley council is now neutral on the subject of the Gallions Reach bridge. Knee Hill no longer gets a mention.
Thames crossings
Click image above for Bexley council’s statement - but not their submission to the TfL consultation. (But see blog for 3rd October.)

Below. What they said earlier this year. Coloured items from Bexley council’s magazine. Click image to link to the ‘LCCI’ article on the News Shopper’s website.


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